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Currently; The Melaka bird park is being restored to meet the needs of specific entrepreneurs who have great potential for tourism

I visited Melaka Bird Park (under PBT) in March 2018. This is our review. Currently, the Melaka bird park is being restored to meet the needs of specific entrepreneurs who have great potential for tourism

Having opened in 2013, this is one of the newer additions to the many attractions in the Ayer Keroh district of Melaka.

According to their display graphic there are 24 different species of bird here including various types of parrot, lory, parakeet, duck, macaw, cockatoo, lorikeet, pigeon and dove. The star of the show is the Indian Peacock showing off his magnificent plumage.

Basically the park is one large aviary under cover of a vast net held up by lofty metal towers. There is a high canopy walkway proving a bird’s eye view of the park. There is a lift to the canopy if you are not able to climb the stairs or if you find the stairs blocked by screeching macaws.

The birds here are really tame and accustomed to humans. If you buy some bird food the lory and parrots will literally eat from the palm of your hand as well as perch on your shoulders and head. Kids will certainly enjoy this place.

This bird park is not as big as KL Bird Park and the vegetation is not as lush but it does mean that the birds are easier to spot. It is also a lot cheaper than KL Bird Park.

Other facilities here include a restaurant, a souvenir kiosk, a herb garden, a man-made waterfall and, outside the park entrance, a boardwalk and a viewing tower (which was closed for repairs).

Potensial Of Malaka Bird Park:

Opening Hours & Admission Charges

Open Daily 9 am to 6 pm.

Entrance Fee


  • Adult RM 17.80
  • Child (ages 5-12) RM 11.85
  • Seniors (age 55 & above) RM 11.85

Foreigners without MyKad

  • Adult RM 23.70
  • Child (ages 5-12) RM 17.80
  • Seniors (age 55 & above) RM 17.80

Combo Package for Bird Park & Melaka Wonderland


  • Adult RM 47.40 Weekday* RM 52.15 Weekend
  • Child (ages 5-12) RM 35.55 Weekday RM 41.50 Weekend
  • Seniors (age 55 & above) RM 28.45 (Any day)

Foreigners without MyKad (Any Day)

  • Adult RM 65.20
  • Child (ages 5-12) RM 53.30
  • Seniors (age 55 & above) RM 37.90

* Weekday = Mon-Fri, Weekend = Sat, Sun, Public & School Holidays

These prices included 6% GST and 12.5% Entertainment Tax. Now that GST has been scrapped from 1 June 2018 the prices should be lower.

Free parking.

How to get to Melaka Bird Park

You can find the location on this map:


2°17’05.6″N 102°17’41.0″E

2.284880, 102.294716

Involvement of interested entrepreneurs and good financial ability to secure Bird Park’s success and attract more tourists to the Melaka Zoo.

Fakulti Pertanian Fakulti Veterinar menjadikan pembelajaran pelajar lebih menarik.

Kajian oleh pihak ilmiah dalam pembiakan species burung ini dalam menjamin ianya tidak diancam kepupusan & berpotensi dikomersialkan dalam kemeriahan & kepelbagaian avian di Malaysia.

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